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Aquaponics: Hydroponics Intergraded with Aquaculture

AquaponicsThe catchy practice of hydroponics has been intergrated with aquaculture to close the environmental farming loop and become aquaponics.

Aquaponics came on the scene in the 1970’s, developed by the New Alchemy Institute. They took aquaculture one step further by integrating it with hydroponics. This method uses fish to provide the necessary nutrients to grow vegetable gardens.

Here fish are added to water storage tanks to emulate a natural ecosystem. Bacteria brakes down the fish waste and converts it to nutrient rich nitrates. Plants love nothing more than to suck down some nitrates converted from fish waste.

Larger scale systems can accommodate farmed fish like Tilapia, Cod, Trout, Bass and others.

Hydroponics and aquarponics can be technical to monitor and balance, but once you have it mastered invite someone over to see your bass!