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Recent Business Articles

persuasive_guys_thumb Persuasive Argument Strategies Logos, Ethos and Pathos - Explained in his highly revered written work “Rhetoric”, Aristotle laid out persuasive strategies to support a case and respond to opposing arguments.  Using these three appeals in combination will make a good approach to any argument. Logos is based on facts, reason and rationality. It’s an academic approach to proving your side of the argument. Logos […]

Recent Environment Articles

tool-collage Take Advantage of Your Local Tool Libraries - Here is an idea that is too good to be true. Don’t have the right tool for the job or instruction on the fix… Go check out your local tool library. Originally started by the city of Columbus Ohio in 1976 local tool libraries have since taken root throughout many cities. Your neighborhood may now […]
Steorn_Orbo Stoern: Unleashing Zero Point Energy - Science has shown that a vacuum has certain physical properties, like energy and quantum fluctuations. Now theoretically and mathematically proven, the question no longer is, does zero point energy exist? Rather, how can we tap into this inexhaustible resource of free and unlimited energy? To test and display this anomaly they use Orbo, a standard […]
BME-process Optimistic Energy: Biodiesel Made From Seaweed - More than 200 companies are now working towards a successful payoff of producing the next energy efficient fuel using biodiesel made from seaweed. Seaweed is a type of macro algae that goes into hyper-growth when large amounts of nutrients and sun are available. The DuPont company estimates that seaweed has the potential of producing 6.8 […]
Aquaponics Aquaponics: Hydroponics Intergraded with Aquaculture - The catchy practice of hydroponics has been intergrated with aquaculture to close the environmental farming loop and become aquaponics. Aquaponics came on the scene in the 1970′s, developed by the New Alchemy Institute. They took aquaculture one step further by integrating it with hydroponics. This method uses fish to provide the necessary nutrients to grow […]

Recent Outdoor Articles
MT Rainier Mount Rainier National Park: The Wonderland That It Is - Like many composite mountains Rainier is the result of a large stratovolcano piling on layer after layer of lava. The lava cooled and formed this mass known as “The Mountain” by area locals here in Washington State. At 14,410 feet tall, Mount Rainier is the back drop for much of the surrounding area and can […]
mav_wave Mavericks: Big Wave Riders Only - Up the Pacific coastline from Santa Cruz, California, is a reef know as Mavericks, where legendary Waimea size waves are produced. Jeff Clark was the first to conquer these world class waves, and organized the Maveicks Big Wave event in 1999. Every winter since the most accomplished big waver riders from around the world have […]
camping Finally Got Serious About Hike Camping - The parking pass?…..Where’s the parking pass?…..Here we go Vasco Da Gama navigating through the National Park system, with wild animals that might as well have high range weaponry. These are the type of plots that make for a well stewed story ending. One massive eco-system against one cyber punk. After many conclusions with the inevitable….How […]

Recent Culture Articles

sound_wave Traveling Sound Waves: Swimming in the Ocean of Sound - Whether it’s a burden or soothing we are surrounded by a constant ocean of sound. Music is the most powerful of sounds, affecting response, emotions and thinking throughout our day to day lives. The soothing sound the of ocean waves have a frequency of twelve cycles per minute. Interestingly enough this is the breathing rate […]
Seattle Public Market The Commodification of Food - We have been seeing the increased effect of globalized food, taking business from local growers over the last 200 years. Food has simply become an item that is sold on the open market and a mechanism of wealth for those who control the means of production. This commodification of food has not only reduced the […]
steampunk_03 Steampunk, Greenpunk, Punkpunk, Whopunk? - Hot air or trendy?… The term punk is getting some extended play time throughout many different genres. It seems there is a loose set of criteria for the term to be added to a category. The term “punk” original used for separating itself from the mainstream can no longer hold off the masses. We original […]

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