MT Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park: The Wonderland That It Is

Like many composite mountains Rainier is the result of a large stratovolcano piling on layer after layer of lava. The lava cooled and formed this mass known as “The Mountain” by area locals here in Washington State. At 14,410 feet tall, Mount Rainier is the back drop for much of the surrounding area and can […]

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Mavericks: Big Wave Riders Only

Up the Pacific coastline from Santa Cruz, California, is a reef know as Mavericks, where legendary Waimea size waves are produced. Jeff Clark was the first to conquer these world class waves, and organized the Maveicks Big Wave event in 1999. Every winter since the most accomplished big waver riders from around the world have […]

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Finally Got Serious About Hike Camping

The parking pass?…..Where’s the parking pass?…..Here we go Vasco Da Gama navigating through the National Park system, with wild animals that might as well have high range weaponry. These are the type of plots that make for a well stewed story ending. One massive eco-system against one cyber punk. After many conclusions with the inevitable‚Ķ.How […]

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Slacklining: It’s Abs-Solutely Great for Core Strengthening

Slacklining looks like tight rope walking only your lower to the ground and the line “slacks” like a rubber band. Slacklining is a balance sport that utilizes a suspended flat length of narrow nylon webbing stretched between two trees. The art/sport was started in the 1970′s by rock climbers in Yosemite National Park and has […]

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Free Running: Plot Your Own Course

The myriad of obstacles that your everyday topography provides has become the course for free runners, an activity otherwise known as Parkour. Free runners traverse the terrain in a fluid like way, using a combination of techniques that include jumping, vaulting, leaping and balancing. This activity was developed in Paris during the 1980′s by a […]

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Choosing a Health Breakfast Cereal: That Doesn’t Taste Like Sawdust

As a kid, the conventional heaping bowl of Cheerios was standard fair. Never once did I not finish the whole bowl and even going as far as noting my record start to finish times. Ok, cereal may not sound like a serious discussion topic, but it doesn’t take much research to find out there is […]

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